We will never die out (Wir sterben niemals aus)

23. července 2007 v 17:45 | BaY |  Texty-Anglicky
Way too much love
For music
Way too many limits
So many thoughts
And words not finished
I don't think that this is
Gonna end soon

We will always remain
Writing ourselves into eternity
I know that there'll always
Be something that remains
We're feeling
That we're not ready for the ending
We will never die out
You will carry us into all eternity

Will you keep this on for us
If we can't go any further?
Will you finish our words
In eternity?
Now, i'm not afraid anymore
To look forward
Because from today on I know
That we won't disappear that easily

We will always remain

I know that something remains
A little bit of me
I am so sure
Something of you will remain

We will always remain

Someone like we
Won't ever end...

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